Possible solutions for insufficient concrete cover

Introductory words

The first part of this article addresses the minimum concrete cover required and why this is sometimes not realized in practice. In this second part, the following points are addressed:


Solution at room temperature: reconstruction

The reconstruction is usually based on the "guideline for the protection and repair of concrete components ", published by the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (DAfStb). First, an expert engineer analyzes the damage and draws up a concept for the reconstruction. After that, the concrete is usually removed up to approx. 2 cm into the undamaged area, the possibly corroded reinforcement is sandblasted and a repair mortar is applied in a layer thickness of 5 to 50 mm. If you are interested in this topic, I recommend the following further reading:

Solution in case of fire: fire design

For the reasons given above, the optimal concrete cover depends on a wide variety of influences. Therefore, it can be economically interesting to carry out a more detailed examination of a reinforced concrete column with a so-called fire design. I can also help you with execution errors in the reinforcement.

I will determine the exact fire resistance of a structural member (e.g. columns or beams) for you. Favorable factors can be taken into account that increase the fire resistance period of the member, e.g. the actual load utilization in the exceptional load case fire, the concrete moisture and possibly also natural fire curves. In this way, any existing load-bearing capacity reserves can be fully utilized in the event of a fire.

What are your benefits?

My primary goal is to avoid expensive structural reconstruction. If this succeeds, high costs can be saved.

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