Your expert for the fire design of members

How can I help you?

Does the subject of fire protection seem like a thick book with seven seals? You are interested in the topic, but you don’t really dare? Then you are exactly right here. Let's break the seals together, open the book and learn about fire protection.

That is my first concern. I would like to introduce you to fire protection as simple as possible. As you can see in the picture below, my offer aims at students and private individuals. To everyone who is interested in the subject of "fire protection". In my Infotheque you will find further information.


I will help you if you need a fire design for your structure. I have specialized in this area. The fire design is an engineering method in the topic of fire protection. I can calculate for you how long a loaded member can withstand fire exposure.If you are interested in my services as an engineer, please have a look in the services or call me directly.

How can I help you?

Your advantages

As a builder, you can save a lot of money with a fire design. You can use leaner and more economical constructions. You also save money for the later maintenance of fire protection, for example if you do not need for an intumescent layer. If you have to renovate existing buildings, I can calculate for you how to achieve this economically for the fire-exposure.

When should you contact me?

In the case of objects to be built, it is highly recommended that you involve me in the planning phase. In the case of unprotected steel structures, the fire design is often decisive for the profile selection. If you contact me at an early stage, we can work together to minimize the efforts for planning and production.

Non-binding initial consultation

The best thing is to call me now and tell me about your specific task. Or you can send me an email with your project details. Floor plans, views and sections of the respective building project are helpful. I treat all documents of course confidentially. If available, a fire protection concept is also helpful. On this basis, we can discuss the general conditions and make you an attractive offer.