Links on the topic of "constructive fire protection"

Standards and regulations

German industrial building guideline as Pdf-file (Version of March 2000)

General fire safety literature

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): Extensive collection of the American standards authority on fire protection. There is also some interesting data on fire tests to be found here.

One Stop Shop in Structural Fire Engineering: Extensive information on the famous Cardington fire tests can be found here.

Journals dealing with fire safety

Fire Safety Journal: an important journal from Elsevier on fire protection.

Journal of Structural Fire Engineering: an important journal on constructive fire protection.

Journal of Constructional Steel Research: another journal from the Elsevier publishing house. In addition to the general topic of "steel", interesting articles on fire protection are also published here.

Engineering Structures

Associations & Organizations

Association for the Promotion of German Fire Protection.

Structures in Fire Forum.


Structures in Fire (SiF): probably the most important international conference on structural fire protection. The conference takes place every two years. You can find more information on the organizer's homepage. In the "Events" section you will also find other interesting conferences on structural fire protection.

Applications of Structural Fire Engineering (ASFE): this is an interesting European conference on structural fire protection. The conference alternates with the Structures in Fire conference every two years.

Forums a discussion platform for fire protection officers.